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Triathlon shoes


Triathlon shoes with technology to burn

No one needs to tell you that a good pair of triathlon shoes is indispensable in the sport. We've created the lightest weight trainers possible using Celermesh technology in our uppers. The other crucial technology we've built in is our responsive boost cushioning, which gives a slight bounce-effect to help boost your stamina with every step and give your tired leg muscles a bit of extra help. The outsoles use some of the most advanced engineering to provide grip, with rubber supplied by Continental™ in some of our models. The breathable mesh uppers allow for cooling air to flow through as you're running and lightweight carbon plating provides extra support and stiffness to help ensure stability. Then there's the internal snug fit system, which gives these running shoes for triathlon the ability to reduce pressure while keeping them securely in place on your feet throughout the race to avoid any internal slippage that could chafe your skin.

Turn on your performance in our triathlon running shoes

These top quality triathlon shoes are made to help you get to the finish line as fast as you can. They are racing shoes that are comfortable and so light that they're an absolute joy in which to compete. Inside it's all plush comfort, with the inner sole area performing the dual role of protecting your feet from repetitive impact and returning energy to your legs to literally put a spring in each step. We achieve this using our Lightstrike cushioning layer. The result is a snappy feel that will have a palpable effect on your performance. These triathlon running shoes are very stylish too, with a really wide range of colours to choose from. You can have a classic monochrome look, or go for a bit of striking modern flair in bright contrasting colours. Men and women are equally well catered for, and your adidas triathlon trainers display the famous 3-Stripes in your choice of the traditional solid style or a trendily tweaked modern design.

Look after your feet with adidas triathlon shoes

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or in the middle of a race, it’s important to look after your feet. With the adidas range of triathlon shoes, you can now focus on improving your time, safe in the knowledge that your feet are being cared for. Choose from a range of professionally engineered shoes for men and women and enhance your performance at your next race. Boost midsoles and Lightstrike cushioning offer an energy return with every step you take. Ultra-lightweight uppers are designed for athletes who are running long distances at a fast pace. Whilst the breathable material ensures you stay cool and dry for the duration of your race. 

Triathlon shoes made for long-lasting comfort

The regular fit of the adidas range of triathlon shoes means that the fit is neither too tight nor too loose. Lace closures, some with hook and loop, allow athletes to customise their comfort as they see fit. Mesh and textile uppers offer a breathable, yet supportive, material for athletes who are going to be on their feet for long periods of time. Whilst a flexible, stretchy fabric ensures that the shoes hug the foot for ultimate comfort. Be ready from the get-go, and leave your competitors trailing behind, with the adidas triathlon shoe range. 

Look after your feet and they’ll look after you

The best way to look after your feet is to provide them with a supportive and comfortable pair of triathlon shoes, which are engineered to enhance your performance. With the adidas range of triathlon shoes you can ensure that aches and pains will be a thing of the past, no matter the surface you’re running on. By looking after your shoes, you will be looking after your feet. Bang the shoes together to remove excess mud, before washing with a warm cloth and mild detergent. For best results, leave to dry at room temperature.