TERREX Skychaser


Perfectly engineered for a great hiking experience

Looking for hiking gear that is durable and can take the impact of your adventure? Try the adidas Terrex Skychaser hiking range, filled with a complete selection of the most technical hiking shoes that we have, made just for you. These hiking shoes have been designed for tougher weather and harder terrain, with their EVA frame and lightweight TPU to offer great stability. Worried about getting wet feet? The adidas Skychaser GORE-TEX models are made to keep your feet dry through the muddy trails; engineered perfectly with adidas hiking shoes. Even if only GORE-TEX models are waterproof, you know you can always rely on your Terrex Skychaser.

Stunning designs for maximum support

Looking for an easy and quick pair of shoes that you can depend on? adidas hiking boots are made with a speed lacing system that allows for a quick step in and step out motion – there is no fuss with these shoes. Want to feel stylish on your hike? adidas has a great range of hiking shoes and boots that will make you feel like you are going down a catwalk instead of a hill. Don't forget to pair your next generation Terrex Skychasers with our outdoor clothing range, complete with clothes that are lightweight with a ton of wind protection across the front; not to forget the great breathability they allow.

Performance goals – adidas

Performance is something that is guaranteed with the Terrex Skychaser range. From the shoes to the boots, you can be sure that these products have your back. Many of the hiking shoes include a durable overlay on the upper and have a reinforced midsole. This allows for maximum comfort and gives you the confidence you need when hiking up a mountain. Every new step you take on your journey will feel new, due to the fantastic quality your feet can to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with Terrex Skychaser hiking shoes and boots.