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Metal studs for football boots


Here you'll find a range of metal studs for football boots, in different lengths to suit the playing surface. You can choose traditional round-head conical studs or more modern cleat versions.

TPU Replacement Studs
Soft Ground Stud Wrench
AG Thintech 20-Piece Clamshell Cleats

Metal studs for football boots are right at hand

When you need a new set of metal studs for football boots, there's no need to look any further than adidas online. Whether you prefer traditional flat- or round-headed conical studs, clamshell studs or low-profile cleats, you can get what you need with ease and convenience. If you want hard-ground studs, we have those, as well as longer soft-ground studs. They have a screw-in fit and are made from lightweight and durable aluminium. You can get mixed packs, too, so that you can change your studs according to the turf conditions on any given day.

Purpose-designed metal football boot studs

These metal football boot studs have also been designed to complement specific models of adidas football shoes. You can simply browse through the selection to find those that match yours. They range from 8mm to 11mm to 14mm in length, depending on their function, and are injection moulded to ensure uniformity. Metal studs for football boots are usually available in packs of 12, which offers good value for money.

Get your football stud accessories here, too

You can get the right accessories to replace your metal studs for football boots right here. We have traditional stud wrenches for conical studs, which are also made from durable aluminium and are compatible with all sizes. There are also tailored wrenches for the more modern clamshell and splayed cleats. You'll get a lot of wear from these studs, so they won't need much replacing. You can grab a pack and replace them individually as needed or replace them all at the same time. Of course, if you need a new pair of football boots, you have the entire adidas range at your disposal right here as well.