Skiing Base Layers

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Skiing base layers

Stay warm on the mountain and lock the warmth in for the entire ski session with these skiing base layers from adidas. Making use of innovative insulation technology developed by adidas, these base layers are designed to retain body temperature while keeping the wearer completely comfortable thanks to custom materials that are stretch-fitted and soft to the touch. From long and short tights to tops, vests and bodysuits, in this selection you can find the perfect foundation for putting together a ski ensemble that will keep you warm and supported from the first ski lift of the day until those sweet après ski moments.

Get warm, stay warm

Base layers from adidas are worn by thousands of top athletes around the world, however, this selection of skiing base layers has been assembled to respond to the specific challenges posed by a day on the slopes. To ensure you can enjoy the ski season to the fullest without worrying about the elements, these base layers wrap around the natural contours of the body for a supportive locked-in feel and work to retain your body heat and insulate warmth. Some items are also fitted with innovative sweat-wicking technology, meaning you don’t have to worry about overheating or uncomfortable perspiration. With skiing base layers from adidas, the only thing you have to focus on is enjoying yourself on the slopes.

Assemble your ensemble

Each skier is different and their gear should be too. This selection of skiing base layers from adidas allows you to choose the ensemble that you feel most comfortable in, whether that’s with a supportive bodysuit, a simple long sleeve top, or the incredible coverage offered by full-length tights. Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, these ski base layers should be the first port of call for anyone who wants to stay warm and supported while getting involved in winter sports.