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adidas PureBoost trainers will help you concentrate on what matters most - your run. Whether you're an experienced runner or taking your first steps on your running adventure. Choose from a range of designs to suit all seasons.

adidas Pureboost

When you are looking for a comfortable shoe that gives more than it gets, adidas Pureboost rates high in customer satisfaction. Made for running or training, you will truly get a pure boost from wearing adidas Pureboost shoes, thanks to the responsive cushioning that delivers energy return with every stride you take. Even if it’s not your day to run or head to the gym, the fab colours, lightweight and stretchy uppers and flexible outsoles make these shoes versatile enough to wear with jeans, leggings or tracksuits anywhere you may need to go. Walking becomes a joy in supportive adidas Pureboost shoes.

Responsive cushioning delivers

Running through the city can be energising, but when you run with responsive Pureboost in your midsoles, the energy of the city seems to zoom right into your feet. You may want to go further or faster, but you’ll definitely feel great no matter how far or fast you go as these versatile shoes feel like state-of-the-art science activating your feet. Some have non-marking outsoles, wide forefoot platforms for stability, and new approaches to lacing systems, but they all have responsive Boost midsoles that return energy to your stride. Sure, it’s science, but it feels like magic.

Moving has never felt so good

Top notch quality in Pureboost shoes isn’t surprising when you’re talking about adidas workout gear. After all, you’ve got adidas street cred and you know a thing or two about 3-Stripes life. That’s why adidas Pureboost belongs in your closet, on your feet and in your days. Curbs, uneven pavements and sudden direction changes are no match for you. The only thing that might slow you down are those people tossing compliments at your shoes! Lace up, start up your favorite playlist and hit the street with Pureboost under your feet.