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Snowboarding Jackets for Men


adidas snowboarding jackets for men are designed for you to take on the mountains in unbeatable style. Enjoy comfort and freedom of movement without feeling the cold, thanks to lightweight constructions and advanced insulating fabrics.

Snowboard jackets for men

We have a superbly wide range of men's snowboard jackets in a range of styles, with bold logos or discreet placements, bright colours or muted ones. They're designed to protect you from the elements while you're out practising your favourite winter sport, while at the same time ensuring that you'll look enviably cool and effortlessly stylish out there in the snow. Whether you're a weekend snowboarder, or perhaps only get the chance every now and then when you go on a holiday with your family, we've got exactly what you will need for your particular purposes. And if you take the sport really seriously and are aiming for the X Games type of level, then we have what you need in a proper snowboarding jacket too.

Jackets that can go anywhere you do

The first priority when it comes to snowboard jackets for men is that you're kept dry. Our jackets all have a 10k waterproof rating, which is your assurance that the worst of the elements won't bother you and you can snowboard to your heart's content, no matter the weather. If you're game for some snowboarding, our men's snowboard jackets can go with you every time. Their seams have been intelligently sealed to help prevent wind and water penetration, and their lightweight nylon construction makes them very convenient to carry around when you're not wearing them. You can also stow away whatever you need to take with you in their pockets that all have zippers to ensure you don't lose your valuables while you're halfway down a steep snow slope.

Warmth and comfort in a loose fitting snowboard jacket

Our snowboard jackets for men give you the right compromise between freedom of movement and being snug: they're nice and loose-fitting, but they won't bulge unnecessarily when you encounter wind resistance. There's a warm inner polyurethane weave inner, which will keep you nice and warm, too, so you're insulated from without and within. The high collars help to protect the back of your neck from the wind and cold, and you can adjust the cuffs of the sleeves to suit the conditions and your activity as well.