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Men's Golf Gilets


Men's gilets for golf to match your own desire to play the game

Keen golfers don't let the cold deter them from getting in a round. At the same time, a decent golf game depends on a full and uninhibited swing action. That's where our men's gilets for golf make a welcome addition to your golfing wardrobe. We have an array of different styles to suit different tastes and playing styles. Our insulated golf vests use a PFC finish with excellent water-repellent capabilities over a fully recycled polyester dobby, cosily stuffed with a combination of genuine duck down and feathers. The stylish perpendicular quilting rows make for a striking design. Otherwise, you can opt for something from our more traditional compartment padding range, which uses a polyester plain weave, combined with PrimaLoft® insulated filling material that absorbs almost 10x times less water than standard down jackets and dries 4x faster. A dual layer ribbed mock neck completes the design. For the truly dedicated golfer, we have an extra-warm hooded golf vest that has an additional layer of polyester double knit, so you can get out there and play your game the way you want to.

Men's golf gilets that combine warmth and comfort with flexibility

The big attraction of men's gilets for golf is their excellent combination of insulating warmth and water resistance, allowing you to play your favourite sport in bad weather. The big challenge that they solve is that of how to play golf in a padded winter jacket when you need as much upper body swivel movement as you can muster. A big puffy jacket simply won't do, especially with their tendency to bunch up in the shoulder area when you take your backswing. Making them sleeveless solves all of these problems, and our insulating construction prevents cold air from coming in while you're teeing off or playing a long approach shot. When things get really chilly, you'll really appreciate the hoodies on our golf vests while you're walking between shots.