Kids Ski Jackets


Kids’ ski jackets

While there's nothing cuter than watching your kids running around in their little ski jackets in winter, the cute factor is always secondary to making sure that they're warm and dry, and that they also provide some protection from the little falls that they'll inevitably end up taking. They're the perfect fit as well, neither too loose nor too tight, giving the kids enough room to move while making sure that nothing gets in the way when they're on their way down a hill at full tilt. And they do look great, to boot.

All the little features you need in a good snow jacket

Our kids’ ski jackets have been carefully designed to do their job well. They either have high collars for extra neck protection in the cold, or hoods for full head insulation, some of which can be detached when the weather is a bit warmer. They are lightly padded without being at all bulky, so your little tykes won't end up looking like the Michelin Man when they try to run outside. They have elasticated cuffs to prevent cold air from entering and have plenty of pockets and zip compartments for any essentials, like those prized ski slope passes. Striking designs will appeal to children's visual tastes and they can choose from solid coloured jackets to ones with stripes and other motifs. You'll have no trouble keeping your eye on your own little skiers no matter how many other kids are out in the snow.

Materials that are built to last as long as their energy does

The adidas kids’ ski jacket range is made from durable polyester and other blends that deliver great breathability, to make sure that kids don't get too stuffy and overheat when they're exerting themselves in the snow. They're also roomy enough to put on over a couple of other layers of clothing for when it gets really cold outside, but nothing can deter your kids from going out there!