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Kids Dresses

adidas x Disney Daisy Duck Dress
Club Skirt
Tennis Pop-Up Skirt
Tennis Pop-Up Skirt
Printed Golf Skirt
Flower Print Long Sleeve Dress
Tennis Match Primeblue Skirt
Disney Mickey Mouse Summer Set
Ruffled Skirt
Flower Print Tee Dress

adidas kids’ dresses: too cool for school

Looking for the perfect dress for that all-important party? Maybe you are looking for some new stylish dresses for your child’s wardrobe? Don’t worry - adidas has got you covered. With an array of colours, styles and looks, adidas kids’ dresses will make sure your little one wows everyone. Be set to impress, this much-needed addition to your wardrobe will go perfectly with a wide range of accessories, from those delightful new shoes, to that new handbag or those new earrings, adidas kids’ dresses will set your child apart from the crows, be careful, though, with dresses as stylish as these, there’s a chance your child might become a little too cool for school!

Classic styles to make kids look great in all seasons

If you want a touch of flair, elegance and beautiful style, look no further than these creatively crafted kids dresses, which are available in a range of colours, from pastel pink to lavender purple, baby blue, roaring red, calming green, and sunshine yellow. Whether it is an all-important birthday party, a school disco or parent’s evening, these adidas kids’ dresses will make sure your darlings are stylishly ready for all occasions. Designed with comfort as a primary purpose, these adidas kids’ dresses will keep your child comfortable and warm, and have been created with the highest quality materials to make sure they also look and feel their absolute best at all times.

Create a signature look

To look after your all new kids’ dresses, just follow the washing and care instructions on the label. Created to suit all styles, tastes and moods, these kids’ dresses can be the pillar of any outfit, they will complement a wide range of jackets, coats, shoes and handbags, and are available in an array of styles, ready to be paired with your child’s accessories and create a signature look that they will absolutely adore.