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Kids Rugby Clothing


Comfort from head-to-toe with kids’ rugby clothing

The first step to a good performance on the rugby field is having adequate clothing that keeps you feeling comfortable all the way through so that you can concentrate on the game. This range of kids’ rugby clothing has been designed just for that and includes jerseys and shorts in a variety of sizes to ensure comfort for children of all ages. Pick an outfit with a classic colour, such as black, go for a more patterned and fun design to show off your kid’s personality, or choose a jersey adorned with their favourite team’s logo so they can tell the world who their most loved players are.

Rugby clothing for kids designed using the latest technologies

The most advanced technologies have been used in the design of adidas rugby clothing for kids to ensure optimal comfort and support. It all starts with choosing the right fabric, such as polyester pique for a soft touch on the skin, or a moisture-absorbing material to ensure they stay dry no matter how much they run around on the field. A regular fit gives your kid extra room to move around and therefore additional freedom to reach for that winning move, while the use of seamless design will result in less chafing and softer skin contact.

Clothing that both your kids and the earth will love

The right clothing for each kid is all in the details. Having elastic cuffs around the sleeves of the jersey will give it more stability no matter how much your child jumps around, a drawstring around the waist of shorts will give them the ability to personalise the fit to perfection, while kids’ rugby clothing designed with recycled material will give them additional confidence on the field as they aim for that goal and for a better earth.