Kids Rugby Balls


Kids’ rugby balls for a better grip on the game

One of the most important elements of a rugby game is the ball itself; having an adequate kids’ rugby ball can enhance your child’s experience on the field. The ball must be eye-catching for them, so let them pick their favourite colour, help them show off their love for adidas, or empower them by letting them choose a ball that pays tribute to their favourite rugby team. No matter their choice, you are guaranteed to find a style that matches their personalities and that will get them playing in no time.

Quality starts in the design of rugby balls for kids

A good quality rugby ball is all about the design, the way it was built and the material used, and adidas uses nothing but the best for this range of rugby balls for kids. An imitation leather is used for the outside of the ball to ensure a soft touch with a stable grip, all while being environmentally conscious. The inside consists of a latex bladder, which is able to hold air for extended periods of time ensuring the ball can be used for long hours without the need to re-inflate it. As for the finishing touch, kids’ rugby balls are hand-stitched for superior quality and attention to detail.

Choose the right size to help them perform better

In this adidas selection, not only will you find rugby balls with various designs, you will also be able to pick from a range of sizes, as each ball comes in a choice of various circumferences. Choosing the right one will ensure your kid can easily hold onto the ball whether they’re 5 or 15 and will give them the confidence to shine during practise or while playing a rugby game.