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Kids Swimming Blue persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle juniorKids Swimming Blue persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle junior

persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle junior

Kids Swimming

Kids’ goggles

Keep your active youngster’s eyes protected while training for their next big moment as an aspiring professional swimming champion. The adidas children's goggles range boasts durability and extreme quality while also exhibiting the iconic 3-Stripes legacy. The practical double strap design enables quick and easy one-hand adjustment of the goggles. What’s more, these kids’ goggles are designed to resemble stylish sunglasses while also allowing a maximum field of vision.

Choose kids’ goggles that optimize comfort

The adidas range of children's goggles provides the ultimate level of comfort for training juniors. With a nosepiece that conforms to varying sizes, your little one won’t have to be held back by the nagging discomfort of an improper fit. Encourage your sporting star to focus on their swimming goals and let adidas goggles protect their eyes. Opt for a goggle and swim cap set to improve water speed and agility. Find swim goggles that are designed for training juniors or lap swimmers. Take advantage of the ANTIFOG finish and the necessary UV protection lenses used to craft these durable kids’ goggles. Whether your little one is an aspiring professional or simply enjoys swimming as a recreational activity, the adidas kids’ goggles range showcases a pair of goggles for every need.

Aspiring junior swimming professionals

If water sports entice your child, you may have already realized just how important quality gear is. While inferior quality gear will surely hold your ambitious youngster back and keep them from reaching their full potential, the adidas kids’ goggles range promises maximum durability, allowing your child to focus on the importance of reaching their sporting goals. These goggles can be relied on for sheer brilliance as far as comfort and design go. Crafted from the highest quality materials and moulded to perfection, the adidas goggles children's range aims to enhance the sporting abilities of eager active youngsters heading towards a sporting future.