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Kids Base Layers


Kids’ base layers for all outdoor activities

The best piece of sports clothing you can invest in for your children are base layers, especially in the colder weather. When the season’s change, your child’s wardrobe must change with it. At adidas, we have a range of kids’ base layers that are designed for winter sports and outdoors sport activities, including football, yoga, running and other team sports. Made with classic black fabric, which is easy to wipe clean, your child can team these undergarments with any of their sportswear. These versatile pieces of clothing can be worn beneath tracksuit bottoms or training shorts for added protection and support.

Choosing the right kids’ base layer at adidas

Our collection of base layer t-shirts, shorts, long sleeve tops and leggings are perfect for layering under your child’s sports or P.E. kit and will give them the confidence to brave the outdoors. With sizes from 1 to 16 years, you can kit out children of all ages. Whether they need to kit up for outside training or a night-time match, choose base layers with long sleeves and leggings for extra coverage.

Children’s base layers with advanced technology

Built with advanced technology that works with your children’s body, our kids’ base layers are designed to support your child during sports. Our base layers provide a thermal skin which locks in your child’s body heat while allowing their skin to breathe. Keeping them insulated for longer thanks to special Alphaskin technology, which gives a locked-in feel. If your child requires a kids’ base layer for training or sports practice, then a light compression t-shirt provides a supportive feel which stays put during movement. With moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, your child can stay dry as well as cool as they exercise. Let them wear it on its own, or layer it under their sports kit, for the desired warmth. Opt for kids’ base layers with contoured FreeLift designs, which offer a full range of motion, so they can play to their full potential.