Golf Belts


A good belt provides the confidence of your golf clothes fitting just the way you want. It takes care of the details of your outfit so you can focus on the details of your game.

Men Golf Black 3-Stripes Tour BeltMen Golf Black 3-Stripes Tour Belt

3-Stripes Tour Belt

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Get extra options with reversible golf belts

Finding the right belt to fit your different golf outfits might feel impossible. That's why we introduced the reversible golf belt option. This basically means you get two belts for the price of one with a different colour on each side. This makes it more likely that you could find one or two belts that will fit your whole wardrobe. One side might blend into and match your outfit and the other might stand out in contrast as a statement accessory to complete your outfit.

Golf belts that adjust to your needs

Belts should be supportive without being restrictive and that's why adidas golf belts are designed to be totally adjustable. adidas golf belts use a durable metal end piece that has a clamp closure so you aren't confined to predetermined notches and can close your belt wherever you need it. Don't confine yourself to a belt that is always either slightly too tight or slightly too loose; experience total flexibility with adidas golf belts.

Buckle up with confidence

In golf, confidence and focus can be the key to your game. A good golf belt can help you feel proud in your outfit so you can concentrate on your game. Golf belts don't just help to keep your shorts or trousers in place, they can also help make sure your shirt stays tucked in so you don't get distracted by it coming loose while you swing. Stay focused on what matters and allow they way your clothes look, fit and feel become an afterthought with belts for golf that keep you secure while you swing.