Golf Belts for Men


High quality men’s golf belts designed for on-course performance

Men's golf belts have come a long way since the days when you just strapped on any old belt and went out to swing a club. Of course, you can still do that, but the moment you put on a purpose-designed adidas golf belt, you won't want to go back. We start with a carefully apportioned blend of cotton and polyurethane, braiding it into a stretchy and secure belt. A square metal buckle with a stylish nickel finish allows you to fasten at any point along the length and is attached by a synthetic leather strap. The same synthetic leather is used to create the tapered opposite end of this deliberately fashioned golf belt. You can colour coordinate your belt to match your golf trousers with ease, thanks to the wide choice of shades. You'll also really enjoy the subtly embossed adidas Badge of Sport on the smooth leather belt tip. These belts come in small/medium and large/extra-large size combinations.

You won't go back after playing in adidas golf belts for men

Our range of men's golf belts have been made after painstaking research into swing movements with pro golfers, so they aren't mere accessories. The idea is for them to flex and give you a full range of movement on your swing. The stretchy braided effect isn't just for show either. It aids a seamless swing with its soft feel, so that you don't notice it at any point as you're transferring weight through your hips. It provides support that you'll appreciate without quite being aware of what it's quietly doing for you during 18 holes of golf. You'll just feel comfortable and enjoy the easy movement it's designed to promote as you play. And the next time you put on any old belt for a golf game, you'll realise what you're missing.