Golf travel bags

adidas unisex golf bags and golf travel bags allow you to conveniently carry your golf gear to, from and around the course. Keep your valuables and gear organised while on the move.
Men Golf Golf Shoe BagMen Golf Golf Shoe Bag
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Golf Shoe Bag

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Golf Garment Duffle BagGolf Garment Duffle Bag
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Garment Duffle Bag


It's not just a bag!

Golfing bags with a sleek, simple and classic design are available in dark and neutral colours. They look professional enough to bring to work and are designed to make tee-off time easier. Practical design features such as adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps make them easy to carry without slowing you down, whether you're coming from the boardroom, hotel or airport. Front zip pockets keep essential extras secure, such as balls and tees. Other practical features like wheels and multi-grip handles make these golf bags easy to carry in fast-paced environments. They're perfect for use in busy airport halls and train stations with their practical and ergonomic designs.

Working for the planet

adidas golf bags are doing their part for the environment, made of 100% recycled polyester. We have pledged to do our part to save resources and reduce harmful emissions, lessening our impact on the planet. You can rest easy knowing we've pledged to increase our creation of environmentally friendly products.


Keep your travel bag looking new


The durability of the fabric and materials used in the construction of our golf travel bags means that you can make use of them on a daily basis as well as for longer trips. Either way, a bag that travels tends to get dirty. These bags are easy to clean and only need to be wiped down with a damp cloth. However, if your golf bag gets particularly dirty, we recommend that you hand wash or machine wash it on a cold, gentle cycle. It's best to avoid using fabric softeners and tumble drying.