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Girls Skiing Gloves & Pants


Girl’s skiing gloves & pants

Our selection makes the perfect fit for younger girls. Our durable and stylish girl’s ski gloves and ski pants come in the prettiest colours that will not only look gorgeous on your little girl, they'll also ensure that she's easy to spot when you're keeping an eye on her. There are different styles to choose from as well, some of them more dainty, others more sporty looking. They're wonderfully suitable for girls who want to have some fun on the ski slopes or just muck about in the snow as well, while also being perfectly up to the task for the aspirant skier learning the ropes and taking the odd, unavoidable tumble or two.

The perfect clothes to have fun in the snow

They do the trick for the snowboard girl as well—adidas girl’s skiing gloves & pants are nothing if not versatile. They're made of waterproof materials that also allow air to pass through, avoiding stuffiness and sweating, which in turn leads to cooling. So they provide protection from the elements, while making sure that young bodies don't get too hot inside as they're flying around on the snow. The girl’s ski gloves come with wrist buckles that can be adjusted, or snugly fitting, elasticated cuffs. The choice is yours for comfort and to make sure they stay on nice and firmly.

Protection for young skiing hands

A little bit of rough and tumble is par for the course when you're skiing, of course, and this has been taken into account in the design of adidas girl’s skiing gloves & pants as well. They are lightly reinforced in the places that might take a little bit of skidding, to make sure that no tender, young skin is broken inside them. And of course, while we might not always want to own up to it, there's definitely a cute factor at play here too—these girl’s skiing gloves & pants can look too adorable when colour coordinated with a fluffy little ski jacket, and with the perfect pair of girl’s ski goggles to complete the effect!

Icy sporting action with girls’ winter sports gear like skiing gloves, pants and goggles

Keep her playing outdoors safer and longer in the colder months with all the right essentials for her favourite winter sports. Snow? No problem! Insulated jackets, cute wide-knit mittens, girls’ skiing gloves, chunky socks, water-resistant trainers and so much more are hers with adidas girls’ winter sports wear. On the ski slopes, snow-boarding run, or hockey field, winter sports items protect, insulate and allow enough freedom of movement to enjoy smashing those goals and snowballs alike.