Girls Rain Jackets


Girls' rain jackets

Get ready for the rain with this selection of girls' rain jackets by adidas that includes styles to complement any activity, no matter the season. Whether your daughter is heading out to play team sports such as football or basketball or whether she is just going out to play with friends, styles with a full zip are easy to slip on for protection or off when safe from the rain in the blink of an eye. And with girls' rain jackets offering comfortable regular fits that keep your girl dry while giving her enough space to move freely, a rainy day will just be another day in their active world.

Designed for optimal comfort

The main characteristic of girls rain jackets is their ability to keep water out, and this is achieved through the use of waterproof fabric in the construction. This feature is complemented with some other important details, such as ensuring breathability through the addition of mesh lining that keeps airflow going, while the use of a special adidas technology enables sweat to escape and keeps your daughter dry on the inside when she’s at her most active. And for those days when the temperature drops and you need extra warmth, some styles have been built using insulating fabric that can trap body heat and act like a natural heater, while the use of elastic at the cuffs or around the waist keeps the cool air outside and the warmth inside.

Practical details

Girls' rain jackets by adidas include a number of details that make them as practical as they are comfortable. Styles that include side pockets along the seams make it easy to store some small items within easy reach, while the presence of reflective details on some of our adidas girls' rain jackets ensures your daughter is visible and safe at all times of the day.

Keep your child dry with girls’ rain jackets 

Keep your child dry when they’re outside with girl’s rain jackets from adidas. For kids aged four to sixteen, there is a range of rain jackets that your daughter will love. Water-repellent materials will keep your child warm, so she can continue to enjoy the great outdoors. A full zip with hood means she can hide all but her face from the rain, whilst elastic cuffs ensure water and dirt don't get underneath the rain jacket when she's out playing.