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Enhance your speed with women’s running spikes 

Improve your time at your next training session, smash your personal best in your next race and leave your competitors trailing with women’s running spikes. adidas running spikes for women are engineered to deliver the control you need to help you go faster, whilst also offering ultimate comfort. Elite level spikes help you shoot off the blocks, a responsive Boost midsole provides you with an energy return every step of the way, whilst a lightweight compressed feel makes you feel like you’re running on air. You wouldn’t settle for second best on the podium, so don’t settle for second best when it comes to women’s running spikes.

Running spikes for women: hop, skip and jump

Whatever your sport, be it 100m sprint, a 5000m race, long jump, high jump or javelin, adidas women’s running spikes help you maximise your performance. You can choose sprint spikes, which are designed for curves, spikes for middle and long distances or spikes specially designed for javelin throwers or high jump events. Lace closures, some with hook and loop straps, enable you to tighten the women’s running spikes as you see fit. Primeweave or Celermesh uppers mean the comfort is taken care of so that you can focus on the competition. 

Designed to last, race after race

Women’s spikes for running are designed not only to make you look like a pro, but to last race after race too. To ensure you get the best out of your adidas running spikes, look after them, and they’ll look after you. Remove the spikes when possible and clean the dirt off with a toothbrush. Bang together the running spikes to clear any remaining muck off the shoe. You can clean the women’s running spikes with a warm wash and a mild detergent before leaving to air dry at room temperature.