Women's Snowboarding Jackets


Women's snowboarding jackets

A jacket is the most essential item in every wardrobe in winter, and if you’re planning to go snowboarding you will need to be equipped with an adequate style that offers you extra warmth, while being flexible and enabling easy movement. The adidas collection of women’s snowboarding jackets includes a variety of styles with both fitted and regular cuts that cover all weather conditions. Choose amongst gilets and vests for milder weather where you need extra coverage but want your hands to move freely, down jackets for the cooler temperatures, and windbreakers or rain jackets for stormy weather.

A jacket you can count on

The adidas collection of women’s snowboarding jackets has been equipped with special technology that ensures you receive the adequate amount of warmth and stay comfortable. This includes a body-mapping technology that can detect heat zones and sweat zones and regulates the amount of breathability and warmth you are getting accordingly. Some insulation technologies such as PrimaLoft® have the ability to provide warmth while offering breathability, keeping that feeling of freshness throughout the day, while the use of special fabric like Pertex® Quantum® ensures ladies snowboarding jackets have the best possible strength while staying as lightweight as possible.

Features to get you excited

Every women’s style snowboard jacket has been incorporated with special features that aim at offering you a better experience when you’re out on your snowboard. These could include zip pockets that allow you to easily store some essentials and remove the need to carry a separate bag, pre-shaped elbows to enable easier and smoother movements of the arms, or a drawcord elastic around the hem for a more controlled fit. Some women’s snowboarding jackets can also be packed into their own pockets, making them easy to carry around on days with big temperature changes.