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Triathlon clothing


Triathlon clothing that you can trust all the way to the finish line

When you need specialist clothes for triathlon, adidas can kit you out with high-performance functionality and eye-catching style, all branded with our iconic 3-Stripes and Trefoil logo. Our triathlon shorts, bib shorts, cycling tops, triathlon swimsuits and men's jammers are highly engineered, using combinations of recycled polyester, nylon and elastane. They're designed to be durable to match the tough demands of the sport. Four-way stretch weave fabrics are used to make all our triathlon outfits ultra-light and extremely breathable, allowing for cooling air flow. Sweat-wicking properties deal with moisture quickly and effectively, and when you're in the water, adidas swimsuits for triathlons have ultra-flat fabrics to minimise drag. The detailing includes specialised tape in certain areas of the body to enhance propulsive power.

Clothes for triathlon designed to give you a boost in every area

Our purpose-designed triathlon clothing has been created to enhance your stamina in every possible way. Special RacePlus Fit compression zones are placed in specific areas to help reduce muscle fatigue, and contoured designs help to direct air flow most efficiently around your body. Our triathlon cycling outfits have multiple layers to reduce chafing and fit you like a second skin to provide maximum aerodynamic effect. Women can get extra support with an adidas triathlon bra designed for high-impact activities. They have additional stabiliser inserts so that you can focus on getting through the tough phases without any distractions and also help to keep you cool with their breathable fabric.

Mix and match your triathlon outfit

While we've made sure to provide triathlon clothes specifically designed for each stage of the sport, you can use many of the items individually for other purposes. Wear your bra under other training outfits or train indoors in our compression leggings. And you can also get triathlon accessories like swimming goggles right here too.

Push the limits with adidas Triathlon clothing

Whether you’re new to triathlons or you’re a regular on the circuit, it’s important to have clothes that will support you every step of the way. The adidas triathlon clothing range offers great options for men and women who want to take their triathlon game up a level. Choose from a range of items that will boost your performance, including swim jammers, cycling jerseys, engineered bib shorts, leggings, sports bras, t-shirts or sport shorts. Perfect for athletes who want to push their limits, with the adidas triathlon clothing range you can ensure you cross the finish line with no regrets. 

Make a splash with clothing for triathlons

The adidas triathlon clothing range is designed and engineered with athletes in mind. When in the water, hydrophobic fabric and seams ensure water is repelled, which minimises drag so you can focus on increasing your lead. A compressive fit hugs your muscles too providing a locked-in feel. When on your bike, a contoured stretch jacquard on the upper back increases the air flow and manages your moisture levels, so you stay cool and dry throughout. An engineered cut also provides aerodynamic comfort. When you’re running to that finish line, sweat-wicking fabric will ensure that even when the heat is on you will be able to perform to your optimum.