TERREX Free Hiker

FREE HIKER adidas shoes provide superior grip for a range of outdoor surfaces and a responsive, padded mid-sole for an energising feel. Waterproof uppers offer all-weather protection and durable support even on the toughest trails.

Terrex Free Hiker walking shoes to conquer the lesser-travelled trails

Get exploring with full confidence when you hit the trails in your Terrex Free Hiker shoes. Boasting some of the most durable and stable walking shoes around, this collection offers shoes and trainers that give you comfort and confidence with every stride. Created with harsh terrains, wet surfaces and long-use wear in mind, the adidas Terrex Free Hiker franchise gives you sock-like snug higher cuts. All walking shoes boast a sturdy cushioned midsole, light and breathable uppers and soles with extraordinary traction and grip.

Keep feet firmly planted on the ground with Terrex Free Hiker

Scale mountain sides and loose-stoned surfaces with the can-do attitude of a professYeional climber when you wear walking shoes from the adidas Terrex Free Hiker range. Hiking adventures could extend from short bursts up hillsides to days on end trailblazing the coast lines, and your shoes need to carry the weight of the walk, rain and shine. Forget blisters and sweaty soles when you bring mesh uppers and top-quality materials to your hiking footwear. Look for waterproofing to ensure you’re in for a dry and comfy ramble.

Unisex hiking shoes for multi-activity usage

When you choose to elevate your walking footwear wardrobe, you will be surprised by the freedom your feet feel on a day-to-day basis. Don’t restrict that comfort to your longer hiking adventures – bring it into your social life and enjoy the feeling that comes with shopping, chores and hanging out in a superior pair of comfort shoes. Take the stable conditioning of the Terrex Free Hiker one step further and pair with leggings for coffee with the girls, jeans for a barbecue hang or comfy sweats.