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Rain jackets for golf


Stylish, windproof, and rainproof, our adidas rain jackets for golf will keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the weather gets. Don’t let the weather spoil your game.

Stylish and weatherproof

If you’re a golfer, then chances are you’ve been caught in the rain more than once – especially in the UK. You’ve learned (the hard way) to always be prepared. Now you can be prepared with our selection of adidas men’s and women’s rain jackets for golf. Choose from our range of Provisional and RAIN.RDY adidas golf rain jackets. They not only offer great protection from the wind and rain, but they will keep you looking fresh and cool with their sharp modern styles.


Never miss a game

It’s always the way - you’ve been waiting all week for that game of golf. The weekend comes, and of course, it’s raining. With an adidas Provisional or RAIN.RDY golf jacket, there’s no reason to be worried about the weather. Our adidas RAIN.RDY golf jackets are waterproof and windproof, and the drawcord hem can be adjusted for extra protection. No matter how bad things get out there, you’ll stay warm and dry. Our adidas Provisional golf jackets offer the same great protection with a WIND.RDY and water-repellent finish. The high collar will keep the chill, and the wet out and zip pockets are ideal for storing your golf essentials.  Don’t let the rain spoil your day.


A jacket for life

At adidas, we build things to last, and we have an eye on sustainability. We want our goods to last as long as possible. Made from recycled materials, our adidas rain jackets for golf require special attention when it comes to cleaning. To ensure your products longevity, never dry clean or iron your adidas golf rain jacket and always machine wash at a low temperature.