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X 20 League Shin Guards


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Predator Top Training Goalkeeper Gloves


Play hard with protective football gear

Show off the colours of your favourite football team as you train for your next game or defend your team from your adversary’s goals. The adidas collection of protective football gear includes a large range of shin guards and goalkeeper gloves, with models and technologies dedicated to both training sessions and the actual game, and sizes to suit everyone from adults to younger players.

Safety first

During a football match the stakes are high and the atmosphere intense, and you should be free from all distractions to effectively defend the net. Adequate football protective gear will put your mind at ease and allow you to fully concentrate on the game. Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are equipped with thick cushioning to protect your palms and grippy latex to ensure the ball doesn’t slip once in your arms, while the design around the fingers gives them a natural and comfortable fit. Training sessions are not as demanding but still require adequate protection football gear. Training Goalkeeper Gloves are similar to the Pro version, with slightly lighter cushioning around the palms. Shin guards are also essential for the protection of your shins. The Pro Shin Guard model will do so without adding weight, thanks to the lightweight yet tough material it’s constructed with. The addition of EVA cushioning on the inside helps get rid of moisture on your body in order to keep you dry throughout the game, while compression sleeves make sure everything is kept in place. Lite Shin Guards and Reflex Shin Guards are another two styles to choose from, both equipped with similar technologies and providing the same high standard of protection you expect from adidas protective football gear. The addition of straps that give you the ability to adjust the width of each shin guard ensures the perfect fit.