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Manchester United adidas Z.N.E. Anthem Jacket

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Men’s cotton jackets

The problem with cold weather is you spend all this time making sure you have the right clothes to project your personality only to cover them up with a jacket to protect yourself from the elements. Men’s cotton jackets from adidas solve this by being as bold in the design and as sharp in their tailoring as your indoor fashion choices. With lines that compliment your physique and designs that extend your own personal lifestyle choices, adidas cotton jackets are the perfect fit. Whether you are watching the little ones try their best on a breezy Saturday morning on the local playing fields or playing a full 18 holes during the more demanding winter months on the links, men’s cotton jackets have the right design for your needs.

Confidence on the outside

Mixing comfort and style with durability and practicality has long been the mission of adidas, and that philosophy continues with their range of men’s cotton jackets. Starting with the wearer, every aspect of each cotton jacket for men has been considered. From whether it will be worn during the participation of a sport, to how it will look when being worn outside the gym, each design element has been chosen to reflect the jacket’s primary use. Flexible, waterproofed cotton for the golf course or an elasticated woven cotton for a garment used to warm-up before a competition, these decisions have been made to ensure that you get the maximum use and potential from your men’s cotton jacket. The comfort and durability built into every adidas men’s cotton jacket make them a perfect choice for an everyday coat for wearing to your place of work or looking great when popping down to the shops.

Beyond the sport

The design choices made in the use of the iconic 3-Stripes, colours, cuts, and shaping for cotton jackets for men from adidas make as much impact as a fashion statement as they do as sportswear. Quality stitching, elegant lines, and bold shapes, as stylish as they are practical, adidas men’s cotton jackets are as much about you as they are about sports.