Go superhuman with adidas x Marvel X-Men football boots.

Limited football collection


Limited football collection

If you like standing out from the crowd, a piece from the adidas limited football collection is the ultimate way to go. There’s no better way to stand out than to wear a collector’s item with a very limited run. Exclusivity and aesthetic are key to the limited football collection, offering you a choice of clothing, footwear and accessories for both men and women. Often finished with gold or bright colours, and sometimes even embossed, this exclusive collection is sure to stop people in their tracks.

Wear a celebration of sporting history

Some limited football collection pieces are the result of collaborations between adidas and iconic players of the sport. Paul Pogba is one such icon, considered one of the most creative forces in football. The limited collection includes several pieces that pay tribute to the player’s driving force, including Paul Pogba trainers and a Paul Pogba jersey. Other collector pieces celebrate adidas’ long and incredible history supporting the game. The Copa 70 Year trainers are one such item, dedicated to adidas’ passion for football with a reboot of a classic – they take the original Copa Mundial and flip them literally inside out.

Innovative and sustainable

These limited-edition pieces are jam-packed with all the same innovative sportswear technologies as the clothing and footwear worn by pros in the stadium. Wearing a limited-edition jersey or sporting a pair of collector’s trainers will feel just as comfortable and snug as any of the other adidas ranges. You can find special footwear features in some of the shoes, like responsive Boost, Primeknit collars, K-leather uppers and anatomically designed heels, while the apparel is all built with lightweight materials, breathable mesh and a regular fit. Some of these items of clothing are also created with recycled polyesters as part of the adidas sustainable product program, helping to make the world a better place. Enjoy the ultimate in style and comfort and wear your limited football editions with pride.