Watches for Kids

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Watches for kids

The adidas range of watches for kids offers a great choice of colours, styles, functionalities and prices to suit kids of all ages. These adidas kids’ watches have been designed to meet the growing needs of today’s young, active generation.

Designed to help kids in their day-to-day lives

Male, female and unisex adidas watches for kids are available in a variety of materials and with differing functions that are designed to help kids in their day-to-day lives, as well as during their training sessions, hobbies and events.

Fashionable and functional

Style is an important consideration when choosing a kids’ watch, so adidas have combined fashion with functionality. adidas kids' watches are practical for day-to-day use and many contain added facilities perfect for sport-loving kids. Some of the additional elements that your chosen kids’ watch may include are; being waterproof to a depth of up to 100 metres, a stop-watch for lap and distance timing, a light or a calendar to log those sporting events and classes.

Active kids

With so many activities on offer, today’s kids need sportswear and accessories to suit a variety of purposes. adidas watches for kids incorporate functions which support and help your child through their busy weeks, yet remain stylish enough to wear for school, sporting and social events. adidas kids’ watches come in a selection of weights which is a consideration when choosing their ideal timepiece. If your child plays golf or takes part in rowing for example, you may prefer to choose them a lighter weight watch to aid that all-important arm swing. Kids who swim and dive may consider that having a built-in light and waterproofing would be the most important factor for their kid watch. Every active child has different equipment needs and our range of kids’ watches has been designed with their busy lifestyles in mind.