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Kids’ goalkeeper gloves


Safety is a top priority while protecting the goal – put your kids in the perfect position to block the expected and unexpected shots, with our range of kids’ goalkeeper gloves.

Kids’ goalkeeper gloves give young hands a good grip

Enhance goal-saving chances when your kids are standing between the posts, with a pair of gloves from the range of adidas kids’ goalkeeper gloves. With specially designed cushioning and soft grip, the gloves ensure comfort throughout the game and, importantly, avoid possible injury from fast-flying balls. Made with 100% polyurethane or a polyester mix, the gloves are ideal for play in all weather, allowing your kids to get their hands on the ball quickly and easily.

Safety for goalies’ hands, with goalkeeper gloves for kids

While agility and quick reflexes are part and parcel of a goalkeeper’s ability, enhancing the power of the hands is an important element of any game – these goalkeeper gloves for kids have been designed with this in mind. The half-wrap wrist design ensures that gloves will stay on even during the most far-reaching save, while the 100% EVA foam padding provides a layer of comfort to the grip. For added protection, choose a pair with our unique finger spines – durable plastic ridges along the back of the fingers that prevent them from bending back. Give your kids the confidence to throw themselves between the goalposts, comfortable in the knowledge that these kids' goalkeeper gloves are there to protect them.

Enhance playing performance

Kids' goalkeeper gloves are a crucial part of any budding goalie’s football kit. Relying on the reaction speed and skilful manoeuvres of young bodies is important in goal, but this performance can only be enhanced with the right kit. Make sure you check out these goalie gloves to provide your kids with the best opportunity available.