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Kids Goalkeeper Gloves


Goalkeeper Gloves for children and juniors

Standing between the goals to catch a ball coming at you at high speed requires a well-trained eye, quick reflexes, and some high-quality goal keeping gloves. Since your child’s safety and support is the number one priority on the field, adidas has designed a variety of goalkeeper gloves for kids that will keep them comfortable and injury-free. Goalkeepers are often the most creative players on the field, having to twist, jump, reach and manoeuvre their bodies into all sorts of positions to prevent a high-speed ball from entering the keep. The goalkeeper gloves for kids made by adidas will help your kids feel comfortable and confident, and enhance performance as they play.

Gloves with good grip

Goalkeeper gloves for kids are designed to improve ball grip while your kids play. Without the right gloves – and especially with no gloves at all – it can be difficult and even painful for goalkeepers to be in a good position to catch the balls flying at them. Gloves that have the right grip will make it much easier to catch and handle, as well as reducing the impact on your kids’ fingers and hands. Made with Soft Grip Pro latex, adidas kids goalkeeper gloves have good grip and excellent cushioning so your kids can even feel comfortable punching balls out of the way.

Gloves to increase protection

adidas goalkeeper gloves also feature a Fingersave spine: rigid plastic material set along the back of the fingers. This glove-specific technology is designed to resist pressure and prevent your kid’s fingers from being hyperextended during ball deflection. The gloves also have an elastic bandage and wrap around fit to optimise wrist support. With a pair of adidas goalkeeper gloves, both you and your kids can feel comfortable and confident in handling fast or unexpected shots without worrying about injury.