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Handball Equipment & Accessories

Lightweight Metal Badge Baseball Cap
Crew Socks 3 Pairs
Ankle Socks 3 Pairs
AEROREADY 3-Stripes Baseball Cap
AEROREADY 3-Stripes Baseball Cap
AEROREADY Baseball Cap

Stay in the game with our handball accessories

From socks to roller bags, we have a wide range of handball accessories all made from the most modern, high-performing materials with an eye on the stylish athlete as well. Our handball ankle socks have focused cushioning areas and sport moisture absorbent properties in the fabric. A combination of recycled polyester, stretchy elastane and nylon creates our Formotion anatomical design, which gives a snug and supportive effect without placing any constriction on your feet. Headbands are made from extra-absorbent materials with fast-dry features to prevent sweat accumulation. Towels with our famous 3-Stripes branding are available in a selection of colours, including our trademark black, and come in both small and large sizes. Roller bags can be had with telescoping handles and durable wheels, and our duffel bags will hold all your handball accessories in cleverly constructed compartments. They're made from a 100% recycled plain weave material, so you'll be doing your bit for sustainability too. The main inner compartments can be closed with zippers, and handy outside side pockets are provided for smaller items and also dedicated ventilated shoe compartments.

Find the right handball accessory for your needs

You can mix and match our handball accessories with our other handball kit and just as easily use it for other sports or training too. The roller bags come in various sizes, and their handles and wheels make them very easy and convenient in which to carry heavier sports equipment. Our range of socks wrap your feet in comfort even though you're putting a lot of pressure on them, and you can have them as standard, ankle length or mid-calf versions. Some of them come with extra grippy soles to work with your handball shoes, giving you improved traction. They'll help to keep your feet cool and dry too by absorbing moisture. Others have compression arch support to help prevent injury and reduce stamina loss during games or practice sessions.