Golf Gilets


A cosy golf vest is a perfect way to add warmth on cold days when you're still itching to play. A sleeveless outer-layer allows you to stay warm and still move freely throughout your swing.

Extra warmth for cold days

Just because the temperature drops doesn't mean your golf game has to when you have so many choices for extra warmth from adidas. Our golfing vests come in a variety of options geared towards specific weather conditions. COLD.RDY selections keep you protected from rain and wind, letting you stay dry while you swing and our Frostguard options provide extra insulation while staying lightweight with bonded seams that keep out the chill and wind.

Stay warm and mobile with adidas golfing gilets

When you're out on the course you want your extra layers to keep out the cold, not keep you confined. Golfing vests help keep you warm while still allowing you make use of your full range of motion. We keep our extra layers as lightweight as we can so you can focus on your game. Some of our vests are made with an extra stretch build so you can twist and turn as much as you need.

Extra touches that let you focus on your game

adidas understands that it's the little things that can elevate your game to new heights so a golfing vest is never just simply a golfing vest. The inclusion of zip pockets means you can keep your scorecard, keys, and whatever else you need on the course, safe and protected. Some designs also come with inner zip pockets for extra security. Options with a durable water repellent finish help keep you dry for extra comfort. adidas golfing gilets come in padded and non-padded ranges, as well as full zip and quarter-zip options, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to how you stay warm.