Colombia Football Jerseys and Shirts


Colombia Football Jerseys and Shirts

The Colombia football jersey is not just for anyone. To wear this shirt means you play the Colombian way: with skill, with style, with passion. For decades, Colombian players have lit up international tournaments on both the continental and the world stage, and this shows no signs of slowing, with the latest squad starring some of the world’s hottest talents. Ready to show your support? The iconic colours of the Colombia jersey are ready for you with the latest adidas selection.

Colombian spirit, home or away

Whether playing on home turf or travelling far and wide to play the very best, the national team of Colombia are known for bringing style and vibrancy to the football pitch. Now you can too, with a selection of jerseys all coordinated with the nation’s famous tricolour of yellow, blue and red. The Colombia jersey, with its iconic bright colours, incorporates designs from the nation’s history and heritage, while the Colombia away jersey offers a twist on the classic that’s no less eye-catching. All jerseys in the current selection benefit hugely from innovative adidas technologies such as Climalite, which wicks sweat away from the skin to keep you cool and dry from the first whistle to the last. Optimal performance with no compromise on style – there’s never been a better way to rep Colombia.

Born under the sun in search of glory

The designs of the latest Colombia jerseys take inspiration from the iconic kits of previous squads, who captured the hearts and minds of football fans around the world with their exquisite talent and unmistakable style. The latest generation hopes to go even further than their predecessors and achieve glory with their squad of hugely talented players. To show your support, there’s only one thing to do: grab the latest Colombia jersey. With their signature colours, bold designs and high-performance adidas technologies, you’re a winner before a ball has even been kicked.

By adidas, for icons

Incredible talents, a uniquely South American flavour, and the famous yellow, blue and red kit: it can only be Colombia. The iconic Colombia football shirt is loved by generations of football fans, and has become synonymous with a style of playing that combines technical ability with irresistible flair. With a squad made up of world superstars, the latest Colombia team certainly has a bright future. Ready to show your support? There’s no better way to do so than with the Colombia football top from adidas.

Colombia: united for one country

Known as "Los Cafeteros", or "The Coffee Growers", due to the nation’s world-famous coffee production, the Colombia football team are used to giving their all even in the most testing conditions. The latest Colombia football shirt from adidas is ready for any challenge. Thanks to Climalite, you’re kept cooler and drier from the first whistle until the last with a lightweight, breathable fabric and sweat-wicking technology. These innovations can be found in both the Colombia home shirt, with its iconic yellow, red and blue tricolour, and the Colombia away shirt, which offers a new perspective entirely for both on-pitch and off-duty occasions.

Excellence with style

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a kick-about with your mates, hitting the streets or off to watch a game – now you can bring some of the Bogotá flavour with the Colombia football shirt. The spirit of the nation is woven into the shirt itself, with the latest selection featuring designs and prints inspired by Colombia’s proud heritage. And Climalite technology means you can do so in comfort, whether you’re playing or not. The Colombian team is known around the world for its style, passion, and dazzling ability. Ready to show your support? With this selection from adidas, the vibrant yellow, red and blue is waiting for you.