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Casual Shorts

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Casual shorts

Embrace the feeling of freedom like never before. This expansive adidas range of casual shorts allows you to relax and glide through your daily errands. Well-suited to a run or catch-up with friends, these designs have chic understated stylishness. Taking comfort and practicality to new levels, you won’t want to take these off while the sun is out. Designs take inspiration from adidas’ historic association with sport, delivering an athletic look with clean patterns. Iconic details such as the 3-Stripes and Badge of Sport feature prominently while still offering plenty of space to define your personal style.

Good for you and for the environment

adidas casual shorts are not only great to wear, they’re also great for the planet too. Models are made with recycled polyester and sustainably farmed cotton to ensure the impact of production is minimised. These casual shorts are made in viable supply chains and, through a partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative and the use of recycled PET plastic, they’ve been manufactured using sustainable resources and omitting minimal emissions. The finished products are soft to touch and snug to wear, which makes everyone happy. Try a pair today and you’re sure to fall in love with the comfortable, breathable materials.

A fit for every activity

Regardless of whether you plan on wearing your shorts to lounge around the house, go for a run or practise that yoga pose, adidas have a pair of casual shorts for you. These versatile items are perfect for general lifestyle wear, while sportier designs are also available. Models range from short-shorts with dolphin hems to relaxed knee-length styles. Casual shorts come standard with a regular fit intended to suit all body types and have a balanced feel. You’ll be just as comfortable heading out for a jog as lazing around on the sofa. With men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes available, it’s easy to find the casual shorts you’re looking for. Models also feature side welt pockets and dependable drawcords for out-of-the-house practicality.