Boys Rugby Boots

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Kids 4-8 Years Rugby Black Rugby SG BootsKids 4-8 Years Rugby Black Rugby SG Boots

Rugby SG Boots

Kids 4-8 Years Rugby

These boys' rugby shoes make sure they're ready for every match

When it comes to stepping out onto the rugby pitch, you want to be sure that your little ones are ready for anything, and that often starts with what they're wearing. Their shoes are one of the most important aspects of their kit, and these boys' rugby shoes from adidas make sure that they're always ready for whatever comes their way. Thanks to a sleek, light design, these shoes not only keep them steady with the 6-stud soft ground outsole, they also allow them to move around as quickly and nimbly as possible.

Provide your kids with the best support thanks to adidas rugby shoes for boys

When they're building up their skills both on and off the pitch, you want to be sure that there's nothing getting in their way. adidas rugby shoes for boys are designed to keep them as steady and supported as possible while they're still developing the skills and techniques that they need to make sure that they play at their best during every match. Thanks to the secure lace closure and snug textile lining, these shoes will always stay securely fastened, while the outsole provides maximum traction on soft ground.

Make sure that your kid's shoes are as tough as their footwear

Kids can end up being pretty rough with their shoes at the best of times, and that's even more true when they're playing a sport like rugby. Because of that, you want to be sure that their shoes are able to keep up with them every step of the way. Luckily, these rugby shoes are designed to stand up to plenty of punishment and there are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that they last as long as possible, for example, making sure never to machine wash them and only wash them by hand.

Tough yet trendy boys' rugby boots

Our boys' rugby boots will more than stand up to the test on the field. They’re made from lightweight materials with advanced reinforced support provided by their sturdy construction. We use the latest technologies gleaned from our decades of experience with top-flight teams like the All Blacks for all their materials, from the Non Stop Grip synthetic uppers to their high-traction outsoles that provide additional grip to the studs. They all meet the official standards as laid out by the IRB.