adidas / April 2022


Waste is growing into a global emergency. Mountains of unwanted clothing pile up and tons of plastic swim in our oceans. We have stop throwing things away. Keep your adidas gear in use and out of waste with Infinite Play.

We’ve seen the facts. In the UK alone, 11 million items of clothing go to landfill every week (WRAP, 2017). This epic wastefulness is happening worldwide. The largest “landfill” on earth is in the Pacific Ocean, it contains 1.8 Trillion pieces of Plastic. All of this waste may be out of sight, out of mind. But the problem will not disappear. We must take action to stop it now. Our future depends on it. The first step is understanding that everything we throw away goes somewhere. There is no “away”.



Most of us try to do our bit, recycling glass, paper and single use plastics. Knowing how to dispose of worn out clothes is less clear, and 80% of it goes to landfill and incineration (BCG, 2017). Dropping old socks, shoes and sweaters in a bin is easy. Sadly, the problem it creates is complex. It is the start of a long journey towards years in landfill, ocean waste and air pollution. It’s also a huge missed opportunity and loss of value.

adidas gear should never be wasted. It’s made to last, so should be used many times over. Next time you consider throwing it away. Think again. Trade it in with adidas Infinite Play. Even your worn out socks have value and can be turned into something new.

horizontal-concepts-q2-infinite-play-hard-launch-dotcom-storypage-02-image-portrait-dYOUR WARDROBE IS WORTH A LOT

The average number of times a new garment is worn is diminishing. Around 30% of clothing in UK wardrobes has not been worn for at least a year (WRAP, 2012). It’s a sign of the times that can weigh people down with guilt.

Most of us have gear sitting at the back of our wardrobes.. Tops that seemed a good idea at the time, swing tags still on. Leggings that no-longer hug, sweatpants that hug too much. Trainers you thought you’d wear. Kit you no-longer do.

Worn, torn or you’re just tired of it. Your gear always has value. We created adidas Infinite Play to make it easy for people to trade old adidas gear in, versus throwing it out. You get an eGift Card and adidas adiClub points in return, and we make sure everything gets passed on to someone new. Only if things are really worn out will they be remade into something else. Recycling is better than landfill, but it’s much better for the planet if we keep things in use. Keeping clothes in use for an extra 9 months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% (WRAP, 2012).



Creation comes with responsibility. We want to share the responsibility for what happens to adidas product at the end of its life. A company the size of ours can create real and lasting positive change in people’s lives. This is extremely motivating. It’s what inspires us to take action for the oceans, to help prevent ocean plastic pollution and to reduce waste.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest accumulation zone of plastic on the planet. It measures 3 times the size of France, 1.6 million² km.

Source: Ocean Cleanup, 2018


We are taking action because we have to start living in harmony with the planet. Eco-innovation underpins the way we create product. By 2024 adidas will move away from using virgin polyester plastic to only recycled. We’ll continue to innovate in recyclable products, like the Futurecraft LOOP shoe, towards a fully circular approach inspired by nature. Infinite Play is part of that circular journey, using innovation on the adidas app to make a trade-in service possible. Right now, it’s available exclusively via adiClub UK for items purchased directly from adidas UK. This is just the beginning.



The waste crisis affects everyone. It was created collectively and can only be solved collectively. The aim of the Infinite Play service is to stop adidas gear being thrown away. The more people who adopt the mindset of keeping gear in play, versus throwing it out, the better. Together we can create the change we want to see.


Choose clothes and shoes that are built to last. Wear them often. Wash them less often - at 30 degrees or less, with eco detergent. Hang dry instead of tumble drying. If you’re shopping for new shoes, look for eco-innovations like the adidas x Parley collection, produced with upcycled plastic waste. Pass old gear on, never throw it away. Create a movement. Spread the word - let friends and fam know they can trade adidas gear in too.

adidas / April 2022