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Football Ankle Guards

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Football Ankle Guards

Get the support you need to bring your A-game. For amateurs and professionals alike, the ankle can often be an area that brings many difficulties to a footballer’s playing career, but the adidas selection of ankle guards was designed precisely with the player in mind. Aiming to keep you on the pitch, not injured on the sidelines, they offer optimum protection where you need it most without compromising on comfort or mobility. adidas football ankle guards give you the support you need to unlock your highest playing potential.

Protection where it’s needed most

Whether used as a reactionary or precautionary measure, football ankle guards can be an integral part of a player’s kit for game day, training, or just a casual kickabout. No player can be at their best if they are worrying about injury, and this is precisely why adidas football ankle guards are designed to offer optimum protection while not obstructing your natural game. Simply secure the strap and let the innovative technology support and protect your ankle, letting you play to the best of your ability. When you enter the battlefield of the football pitch, these ankle guards give you peace of mind.

Built with the player in mind

On top of offering protection and support, football ankle guards from adidas are designed to accommodate for even the most testing conditions. Elasticated straps offer adjustable fits for a comfortable and secure feeling for any player. When the heat is on, breathable lightweight fabrics come into their own, offering comfort and optimal air circulation. No one wants to think about injuries, but the most important thing for any player is being at peak condition to be able to give your all when it really matters. For ankle guards that offer support and protection from the first whistle to the last, adidas has got you covered.

Football ankle guards for fearless pitch action

These are a first choice when you need a combination of full support and cushioned comfort that gives your ankles extra protection on the football pitch. These adidas football ankle guards have snug reinforcement zones made from a polyester and natural rubber blend, with straps that go underfoot so unobtrusively that you’ll scarcely notice them. They’re slim enough to fit easily underneath your shin guards, while still providing the necessary support to prevent painful twisted ankles when you suddenly need to pivot after the ball.