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Football ankle guards


Take advantage of the best in modern protective football gear with adidas football ankle guards. You’ll be prepared for any heavy challenge on the pitch knowing you're fully protected throughout.

Football Ankle CoverFootball Ankle Cover
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Full protection and comfort with adidas football ankle guards

When it comes to playing your best game, you’ll want to train safe in the knowledge that your ankles are fully protected when you head into the action. adidas football ankle guards protect you from serious injury, while allowing you to stay comfortable while playing. They combine well with the compression sleeve style shin pads, adding extra bulk to the lower part of your leg without adding too much weight, due to the lightweight material design. adidas football ankle protection is a must if you want to succeed on the pitch.

Football ankle protection: embody strength, power, and confidence

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit out on the pitch, you’ll need to be fully protected to have the confidence to keep going into full blooded challenges and being committed for the whole 90 minutes. This is where football ankle protection by adidas comes into play, assisting your shin guards to protect the vulnerable ankle area. It is a particularly crucial bit of kit for those tough tackling midfielders and the tricky forwards who can be on the receiving end of some hefty tackles. Stay strong, powerful, and confident with adidas football ankle guards.

Keep your ankle guards in top shape for longer lasting protection

Ankle guards are one part of your kit that’s easy to forget about, they are important as they keep you going on the pitch protected from serious injury. Taking care of them is also vital so they can continue to do their job for you week in, week out. Use an old toothbrush, a mild detergent, and some warm water to scrub the ankle guards, you can then soak them in soapy water for around 10 minutes before hanging out to dry. To get rid of lingering odours, it’s also worth spraying them with a disinfectant spray to kill any bacteria from sweat.