adidas adipower Golf Shoes


Advanced technology accessible to all in Adipower golf shoes

Feel all the benefits of the advanced technology we put into our men's and women's golf shoes with this adidas range. We blend forged microfibre leather with a synthetic textile infused with a TPU film layer to produce a water-repellent upper that moulds itself to your foot as it keeps you dry. In the same way that the reinforced wall of a tyre supports a racing car around a corner, Adipower golf shoes are engineered to give you lateral support when you're swinging the club. Underfoot the Puremotion outsoles provide extra traction, especially when there's been a bit of rain on the course. The inner sole is lined with contoured supportive cushioning that uses both our Bounce and Boost engineering to provide excellent comfort, absorb energy as you put pressure down with your foot, and return some of it to your legs to put a little spring into each step.

Adipower golfing shoes give you all the support your swing needs

Adipower golf shoes have been designed for anyone who wants to pick up a golf club to go out and have some fun, while providing a professional level of comfort and performance. They have moderately rounded toe fronts to prevent any kind of pinching that could put you off your swing or irritate when you're walking between shots. If you wear a wider shoe size, we can cater for that as well. You'll get plenty of mileage out of them too, thanks to the durability of the materials. Our Adipower traction patterning on the soles has been developed as the result of our dedicated research in pursuit of a golf shoe that you can trust on any surface. If you shank one onto uneven ground, our shoes will give you the stability you need to play the right kind of recovery shot that can keep you on par for the hole. They come in a choice of colours and have a modern sporty look to boot.