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Women's Red Tops


Women’s red tops

Make a striking arrival kitted out in a sporty women’s red top. This adidas collection boasts modern designs that are perfect for the gym, athletics track and park. Browse the varying colour palettes, which include scarlet, red clay and burgundy. These tops have an instantly recognisable athletic spirit thanks to streamlined silhouettes and the adidas Badge of Sport. Ideal to stash in your bag or have handy around the house, picking up the intensity will come naturally once you’ve put one on. Whether you prefer an understated classic style or funky cut with patterns, it’s easy to find your perfect women’s red top.

Stay fresh from start to finish

The range of adidas women’s tops features lightweight fabrics such as polyester, elastane single jersey and cotton. Engineered to dry quickly, you can cruise through your workout without the fear of sweat building up. The materials have stretchy compositions that allow you to push the boundaries. In addition to the ventilation delivered by the sleeveless designs, breathable models let you keep cool. You can exercise ethically with adidas women’s red tops made of recycled polyester. The resources used in the manufacturing process are minimised, resulting in a clearer mind and a healthier planet. Get your style moving in the right direction with a women’s red top that provides a relaxed feel.

Dominate the sporting field

Understanding that not all physical activities are equal, adidas women’s red tops come in specialised models for running, tennis and basketball. Casual lifestyle apparel is also available for days when you just want to make the most of the warm weather. Choose from tight necklines that sit above the collarbones or looser styles depending on your taste and coverage preferences. Design options aren’t limited to the front either, with racerback, cross-strapped and upside-down Y cuts holding the tops in place from behind. Red tops for women offer purpose-built comfort and the ability to stand out in a crowd.