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Women's Hockey Sticks


Control the field with women’s hockey sticks

Our adidas women’s hockey sticks are the ultimate essentials for players who see the big picture and who stay in control throughout every match. Available in both low-bow and mid-bow options, these hockey sticks are ideal for experienced players who want to sharpen up their skills. Designed specifically with women’s play in mind, the spread tow carbon reinforcement and internal epoxy core offer maximum power and strength with every hit, without increasing the weight of the stick. This lightweight handling allows for added agility during play and will give you the extra energy you need to perform killer aerials and lethal drag flicks.

Channel your power with hockey sticks for women

Cutting-edge technology and expert design mean that adidas’ collection sets the standard when it comes to hockey sticks for women. The streamlined head design offers increased target accuracy for upper corner shots and gives plenty of lift for game-defining scoop shots. Low-bow options are perfect for players who want to hone their 3D skills, while mid-bow models give you full control and handling agility when dribbling or moving the ball up and down the pitch. Perfect for your weekly hockey practise or for regular tournament games, these women’s hockey sticks will elevate your play to a whole new level.  

Perfect your strike with women’s hockey equipment

Our adidas hockey sticks are equipped with up-to-date grip technology so that you can keep a tight hold on your stick, and feel fully in control of your play, throughout intense matches. Durable build gives them the strength to absorb high-impact shots and clashes and to tolerate frequent use. Available in a range of colours and inscribed with the famous 3-Stripes design, these sticks have a sleek, stylish look and are a must-have addition to your women’s hockey equipment collection.