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Women Sportswear Grey Primegreen Cropped HoodieWomen Sportswear Grey Primegreen Cropped Hoodie

Primegreen Cropped Hoodie

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Women's cropped hoodies

Women's cropped hoodies are performance pullovers worn during cold weather conditions. They are a piece of the '90s-inspired style, featuring a modern and technical edge. One '90s feature that keeps customers coming back to the women's cropped hoodie is its regular fit, meaning it has neither a tight nor loose fit, maintaining the perfect in-between shape for you. These women's cropped hoodies are fashioned to fit particularly sporty and athletic individuals just as well as they are those living a normal daily lifestyle. For instance, a black women's cropped hoodie designed with contrast piping has the appearance of a sporty hoodie while also offering a chic look. While it remains a cropped length hoodie, the long sleeves with ribbed cuffs make for a casual and comfortable design, making you look ever prepared for your training activities.

The appropriate coverage for your cropped hoodie

Another sporty cropped hoodie is the black 3-Stripes designed top, with a Trefoil logo detail over the heart. This 3-Stripes designed hoodie is cropped just right, allowing a little skin to be shown. However, not all women's cropped hoodies are designed to show some skin. Depending on your desired look, your cropped hoodie can provide all the coverage you need. For instance, a voluminous cropped hoodie has a lot of space built in to keep you comfortable. The voluminous hoodie also has elongated tie cords on the cuffs and at the hood, which adds an unexpected touch to your appearance. It provides a relaxed fit and drapes across the body for your casual comfort. The coverage offered by the voluminous hoodie also applies to the sleeves - it has long sleeves with tie-cord-adjustable cuffs at the wrist, which gives a flair-like finish to your wrists.

Unique characteristics of women's cropped hoodies

Despite all the unique features you will look out for when selecting a cropped hoodie, the type of fabric and colour are two stand-out features that add value to your choice. A 100 percent terry cotton women's cropped hoodie ensures your comfort and keeps your body cosy, as well as offering other inbuilt characteristics to aid your relaxation. Also, when settling for a cropped hoodie, make sure you choose a hoodie with the perfect colour for your skin tone. White and black hoodies work well for most, while you can choose from one of the many bright colours in our collection depending on your usual wardrobe and vibe.