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Women’s black cycling shorts


Hit the road in style with a pair of adidas women’s black cycling shorts. Four-way stretch fabric promotes comfort, whilst a range of pockets offer you somewhere to easily store valuables.

Enjoy the technologies of women’s black cycling shorts

Make the most out of your ride with women’s black cycling shorts from adidas. Our range of advanced technologies provides you with enhanced comfort, so you don’t get distracted when you’re cycling. The four-way stretch fabric allows you to bend, flex and make natural movements, whilst durable materials mean your cycling shorts won’t wear away quickly. The adjustable waists, in the form of a drawcord or hook-and-loop closure, mean you can secure your women’s cycling shorts as tightly as you want.

Black cycling shorts for women who want an adventure

Black cycling shorts for women are the perfect item to add to your adventure cycling wardrobe. Made from tough and flexible materials, women’s black cycling shorts are a great companion for indoor cycling and road cycle tours. With a range of zip pockets on the side, back and front of the black shorts, you’ll have plenty of places to easily store your personal belongings during your ride.

Eco-friendly attire for cycling

Our women’s black cycling shorts are great for those that want to buy sustainable items to match their environmentally friendly mode of transport. We use recycled materials across much of our range, which reduces the amount of virgin resources that are consumed. This lowers the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production and helps us towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral. We’ve also made it easy for you to care for your item, so it lasts longer. You can find out how best to wash and dry your new cycling shorts by following the guidelines on the label.