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Swimming Bags

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Swimming bags

Head to the pool in confidence knowing you’re able to take all your swimming necessities with you in one easy-to-carry swim bag. All adidas swimming bags will have been designed to easily fit your swimwear and accessories, the towel and sliders that you’ll need to keep dry and re-energise following your swim, as well as a change of clothes so you can get on to the next activity as soon as you leave the pool. adidas swimming bags come in a selection of fun colours and designs so you’ll find plenty of choices to suit every taste and age group.

Designed for support

When choosing a swimming bag, it’s important to ensure it doesn’t burden you, but instead is supportive and comfortable to carry. A mesh bag is a great option as it’s lightweight, which means it won’t add unnecessary load and you can use your energy for swimming instead of carrying your gear. It will also keep the air flowing through, which will ensure all your swimming equipment can dry quickly after your training session. A bag with a drawcord closure will save you precious time as it’s easy to open and close.

Wear it how you like it

adidas swimming bags are versatile and can be carried in a multitude of ways. Throw your bag over your shoulder if you need to access it easily during your commute, or wear it in backpack style if you prefer to free your hands. Some bags come with two different designs, one on each side, so you can wear your bag according to your mood and outfit. If you feel like making a statement, go for the side with a large design or logo to show off; otherwise, you can simply turn your swim bag around if you prefer a more discreet style.