Swim Caps

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Swimming Black coated fabric swim capSwimming Black coated fabric swim cap

coated fabric swim cap


Swimming Black Silicone Logo Swim CapSwimming Black Silicone Logo Swim Cap

Silicone Logo Swim Cap


Swim caps

One of the essential accessories when practicing laps in the swimming pool or when going for a competitive swim is a swimming cap. Not only does it help keep your hair dry, it also enhances your performance by keeping your hair contained. The adidas collection of swim caps includes both fabric and silicone options, each with its own advantages. While a fabric cap for swimming is easy on the hair due to its flexibility, a silicone cap will help contain your hair with more stability and will not absorb water, meaning you won’t get any added weight during your swim.

The perfect fit

adidas swim caps are designed to fit you flawlessly so you can stay comfortable as you lap the swimming pool. Silicone caps are ergonomically designed, and achieve the perfect fit by being pre-moulded to the shape of a head, with different sizes available for adults and children. They are resistant to tearing, so you can easily slip them on and off, and they resist bunching and wrinkling, so they can keep their original form over time and ensure comfort for an extended period. The thickness of the silicone varies in different parts of the cap to ensure it doesn’t wrinkle as you’re wearing it and to achieve a modern effect. On the other hand, fabric caps are soft and will mould to the shape of your own head, with an elastic band to keep it locked around your forehead and neck and a water repellent treatment to help keep your hair dry.

A fashion statement

Nowadays, swim caps are not only about functionality, they are also used to make a fashion statement. Choosing one from the adidas collection, you’ll be able to go for a classical style with a discreet logo or for something louder and more colourful, maybe with the adidas 3-Stripes or logo displayed confidently all over the cap.