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A handy accessory

Your hands may be the last thing you think of when it comes to kitting up for sport. But in most sports you’ll use your hands a lot, so it’s very important to protect them properly. Through careful design, gloves can prevent injury as well as helping you perform better, making them a handy accessory to have. With adidas gloves you can keep your hands warm and protected, and gain grip with a high-quality pair of sports gloves. You can even stay connected with specially designed conductive fingertips for touchscreen use. From fingerless to goalkeeper and boxing gloves, we have a selection of purposefully designed gloves to help with your performance.

Get a grip

Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym, catching a ball or holding a bat, a pair of sports gloves will give you added support. From boxing to football to training, our range of adidas gloves provides you with security and a strong grip. In the gym your hands become sweaty, which makes holding onto barbells and dumbbells extremely hard. With a pair of leather-like Climacool gloves you can get a good grip on the bar, thanks to the heat and moisture management that allows ventilation and prevents slippage. Or you can guarantee a strong grip with Climalite fabric, which ensures your hands will stay dry through its sweat-wicking properties, along with the anti-slip palm that aids weightlifting.

In the ring

When you’re in the boxing ring, the durability of your gloves is key. With adidas sports gloves you can be assured that your boxing gloves have been built for strength. Created with a real leather outer, the moisture-managing Climacool technology in the palms provides ventilation so your hands don’t overheat. When you receive punches, the shock-absorbing foam will protect you and the leather-like palms will allow you to grip with ease.