Wool Socks

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Wool socks

Whether you are a committed runner, a fitness fanatic, champion cyclist or just someone with an active life that keeps you on your toes, wool socks can prove to be your dearest companions. These leg warmers are created with an aim to take care of your legs, which work extremely hard to cope with your busy schedule and vigorous training. The most important aspect of a good quality sock is the textile it is made of. The high-quality soft wool and wool blends are used to make these adidas socks to keep your legs at ease. Our fabric is ultra-breathable and ensures ample airflow for a fresh feel, eliminating any kind of odour, even when you are on your feet for prolonged work hours. The supreme quality wool provides your warmth to battle the winter's chills and keeps you going to deliver your best. adidas deploys the sweat-wicking technology for a dry and comfortable experience as the temperature rises. Ribbed cuffs provide a snug fit and the seam and stitching ensure easy and hassle-free foot movement.

We have the best wool socks

This is a rich adidas collection that has models of a variety of colours and crests. Invisible wool socks hold up your no-sock look while keeping your feet warm and cosy. You can pick the low-cut or mid-cut leg warmers with no-slip design and fit for a subtle display of style as you make your moves. Along with classic black and white, other hues are also available to add colour and life to your outfits.

Boost your performance with wool socks

With the extraordinary comfort and support that these leg warmers offer, your performance is bound to rise to the next level. With the compression fit to support your muscles while running, the cushioning soothes your landing and reduces thrusts. Unique left and right construction with anatomical design assists a full-range foot-motion and gives a secure feeling. adidas' collection of wool socks takes away all your stress by keeping your feet comfortable and letting you give life to your dreams.