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Floral Dresses


Floral dresses add flair

Floral patterns never go out of style at adidas. Flowers create an attractive design and allow for creative colour combinations. Even the sportiest looks can take on an elegant sophistication with floral prints. With the wide selection of floral dresses at adidas, you can express your unique spirit with added colour and flair. The possibilities with these designs are endless, whether you’re going out or staying in.

Florals for every day

Flowers bring to mind images of spring and natural beauty. What’s more, an all-over print is mesmerising, especially when accented with contrast piping or a tastefully placed logo. A velvet floral dress can mimic the plush feel of a petal to give you a tranquil poise. Vibrant flowers on a tee dress can create classic grace with a comfortable softness.

Match it all with sporty trainers or delicate sandals to complete the look

You can choose from a range of lengths and fits. There are snug skirts, as well as cuts that follow your body’s contours, without fitting too tightly. Produced using recycled polyester, you’ll be adding responsibly sustainable, fabulous fashions to your wardrobe.

Floral dresses are fantastic

Flower designs are not just for flowing, romantic frocks. They can be worn every day, in every season. You just need to find the dress that encapsulates your style. Do you want garden blooms? Maybe you prefer abstract floral patterns? Or are subtle hints of blooms more for you? Sassy or sophisticated, subdued or energetic – floral dresses can be worn at formal functions or more casual occasions. If you love the flirty femininity of flowers or are looking for a bold pattern to make a statement, you should have a look at these playful and stylish options. You may find a floral dress at adidas perfect for that garden party or that wild night out.