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Reflective Down Jackets


Choose reflective down jackets and fight the freeze

Brave the great outdoors in the toughest conditions with the adidas collection of reflective down jackets. A snug, stylish option for the urban dweller or ideal for keeping safe, warm and dry on your way to the training ground, you can’t go wrong with a reflective puffer jacket no matter what your lifestyle. Check out all our designs and choose from a selection of fresh colours so you can wear your adidas with pride.

Find your form all year round

As the temperature drops, it gets harder and harder to get out there and train. Whether it’s leaving the couch for rugby practice or ditching the fire to take the dog for a walk, you need a jacket you can trust to make life easier in the brutal cold and rain. Well, fear not, as adidas has you covered in all areas. Our puffer jackets are lightweight and easily compactable, allowing easy transportation for your next great expedition. Special down insulation chambers are woven into the material to give you an extra level of warmth on the trail, plus they’re attached without stitching to ensure enhanced resistance to wind and water. On top of this, a durable water-repellent coating provides further coverage so you can stay active in the harshest weather. For the year-round go-getter, the adidas reflective puffer jacket is an essential addition to a functional and stylish wardrobe.

Stay comfortable, safe and connected

On long winter nights it’s imperative to stay safe on the road or trail, which is why adidas down jackets feature fully reflective details to mark your presence when the sun goes down. At the same time, you can maintain a fresh athletic look with the iconic logo shining bright under the stars. A slim fit offers a snug feel throughout the arms and core, with sleek front pockets providing shelter for your hands. They also feature media cord routers, so you can stay connected on the move without having to worry about getting your electronics getting soaked. It’s safe to say that adidas reflective down jackets cover all angles, so take your pick from our collection and keep it moving all year long.