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Red Bum Bags


Red bum bags

When you need to carry your essentials, but you don’t want to hold a bag, reach for your red bum bag by adidas. Available in a variety of sizes, choose from low profile, smaller options such as belt bags, small waist bags with one or two zipped partitions, and bags that offer space for water bottles or have a bag within a bag. These red bum bags are all made with excellent construction and beautiful design details to keep your possessions close at your side and match the sporty go getter in you.

Hands-free convenience with red bum bags

Even when you’re out for a run, you still need your keys, your phone and maybe some cash. The last thing you want to do is put these essentials in your shoe or your pocket where they might get lost. A red bum bag allows you to go running hands-free while keeping your possessions secure. Choose a design that holds a water bottle and you’re set for a longer run too. Wear your red bum bag in front, on the side, or on your bum - whatever feels right to you. Adjustable straps and secure fasteners keep your bag in place without distracting you from your stride. These designs are great for a range of social situations too. Whether you're going to the store or a concert, you want your hands free but you still need a secure way to carry your essentials that’s super easy to access. A durable and stylish bum bag with adidas 3-Stripes fashion will keep you moving through your life without losing anything or wondering which pocket you put it in.

Versatility in red

Ideal for every member of the family, these versatile red bum bags keep essentials from getting lost and deliver a cool look no matter where you’re all going. Hit the zoo, go to the park, take a bike ride, go shopping, or feed the ducks at the local pond. An adidas red bum bag will hold all your items while you’re doing the fun stuff.