Pink Headbands


Pink headbands for athletic style and street cred

A pink headband from adidas may be found in styles with or without brims and are made with fibres that help you stay cool on hot days and warm you up when it’s chilly. There are styles crafted from pure cotton twill, or you may find headbands made from dobby fibre blends. There may also be pink headbands made in woven styles, from fibres like nylon, polyester, and elastane, for warmth when skiing or running in cold climates. These pink headbands may be made with quick-drying fibres or material like AEROREADY that absorbs moisture. UV 50 or 50+ protection from the sun may be part of the beneficial technology that’s woven into these headbands, and they may be made from material that pulls sweat away from your scalp or warming fibres that provide a layer of insulating warmth on cold days.

Keeps the sun out of your eyes

An adidas pink headband in visor styles may have a pre-curved brim that keeps the sun off your face and out of your eyes. This makes it easier to see the ball if you’re golfing or playing tennis on a sunny day. These pink headbands come in comfortable, lightweight styles. Plus, some of these headbands come with an adjustable strap, giving you a custom fit that’s comfortable every time, made with closures like D-rings or hook and loop tape.

Choose your sport and a headband that’s right for the climate

These adidas pink headbands are made with detailing like flatlock seams that provide durability and rest flat against your scalp for a comfortable fit. The headband styles come in varieties that accommodate cold or warm weather. Reflective detailing enhances your safety by making you more visible to car drivers if you go out for a run at night.