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Sports Wallets


Performance sports wallets

Now you can also put your favourite adidas branding where your money is, with stylish and durable performance sports wallets that will make you the envy of your friends whenever you flash it. Which you'll want to do as much as you can, we'll bet. They have all the features you need in a high utility accessory, with the right sized sleeves and pockets for all your cards and coins, space for receipts and notes, and easy and secure fastening thanks to either velcro or hook and loop closure locks. You'll look forward to pulling out your wallet at every opportunity – just try not to do it so often that you empty it too soon!

Wallets with iconic 3-Stripes that are wonderfully prominent

Sport wallets aren't designed to be subtle, because they don't need to be. They need to be tough and functional, while also having a stylish touch. We use a 100% recycled polyester weave to get the durability we want to give you, and use a bi-fold design for ease of access and the most ergonomic functionality. The compartments can be either solid or transparent, and some of our performance sports wallets feature see-through ID compartments for easy access to your most important documents. This also allows you to display your ID without having to remove it from your wallet.

A choice of compartments and pockets

A sports wallet is a very personal thing, and we've made sure to include a selection of features and designs that allow you to use it in the way that you most prefer. Many of us don't like the extra bulge that that coins give to a wallet when we're being active, so you can have them with or without that pocket. You can have different numbers of card compartments as well, with plenty of room for all of them. These are sturdy wallets that make it really easy to keep your life organised in this indispensable modern accessory.