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Sports Tote Bags


Finish your look with adidas performance tote bags

No matter whether you’re hitting the tennis court or going to the gym, you’re going to need a sports bag to carry all of your kit and equipment. At adidas, we have a varied collection of performance tote bags, which are not only conveniently designed but look incredibly stylish too. Our range of bags includes Vintage Airliner bags, as well as bags from our Premium Essentials, Linear Graphic, Classic Urban, Spirit BP ranges, and much more. Our bags have been designed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure supreme durability, quality and convenience. Our expert team of designers has ensured that you have all the space and compartments you need, no matter the type of sporting equipment you need to bring with you.

Make your trip to the gym a breeze

There is nothing worse than lugging around clothing and equipment. With performance tote bags from adidas, we have made this as easy as possible. With expert weight distribution and premium quality materials used, you can be sure that your workout belongings will be easy to carry around with you. Plus, they will finish off the look of your outfit in an ultra stylish way.

Make the most of our collection of performance tote bags

We have performance tote bags that are suitable for all activities. Whether you are looking for a bag to take with you to the gym or you need a specialist bag for a certain sport, be it tennis, sports or weightlifting, you will be able to find the right bag for you by searching through the specifications and taking a look at the different compartments. Consider what you will usually take to the gym or sports club and then look for your bag based on this. We have labelled our bags with the sports they are suitable for to give you a helping hand.